Gryphon’s Key Publishing offers nine packages to fit your needs. Pricing is based on the package you select.


1.   Ebook Package

2.   Softback Package

3.   Softback and Ebook Package

4.   Case Laminate Hardback Package

5.   Case Laminate Hardback and Ebook Package

6.   Case Laminate Hardback, Softback, and Ebook Package

7.   Dust Jacket Hardback Package

8.   Dust Jacket Hardback and Ebook Package

9.   Dust Jacket Hardback, Softback, and Ebook Package



Each package includes the following as part of the package price.


·     ISBNs for all editions selected (print and ebook)

·     Professional proofreading of manuscript

·     Cover and interior layout for all editions selected (print and ebook)

·     Proof copies of the completed book for all editions selected (print and ebook)

·     Uploading completed book to our printer/distributor for all editions selected (print and ebook)

·    Note: The cover design for both print and ebooks may incur additional fees based on complexity and image sourcing



The following additional services are also available. These services are priced separately from the package prices and are optional.


·     Editing – outsourced to contracted professional editors

·     Stock or custom interior illustrations, on a per illustration basis

·     Special high-end print editions of books

·     Print runs of 100, 250, 500, or 1000+ unit increments (price based on book unit costs and shipping fees)



Gryphon’s Key Publishing does not offer the following services:


1.   Book Marketing Services

2.   Professional Ghost Writing

3.   Professional Audio Book Narration And Production



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